Tour Edge Bazooka Golf Set Series:

Tour Edge is a company that makes great golf clubs and the best golf sets for beginners. Their Bazooka Series has three sets of clubs ranging in price from the mid $200 range to $499. The Bazooka 460 Black set is the best set, the Bazooka 360 is the middle set and the Bazooka 260 is the least expensive set. As you move up through the sets you get another club or to and a little better quality. All three sets are beautiful and great quality. 

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Palm Springs Men's Visa Golf Set:

Don't get scared away by the unknown name here. The Palm Springs Men's Visa Golf Set is a really nice set of beginner golf clubs. I have been recommending them to my students for 5 plus years now. In my opinion, for the money, they are the best value. You can find the Palm Springs golf clubs for less than $200 for the set, and it is a full set, not a starter set. It comes with a bag and putter, driver, #3 fairway wood, two hybrids, and 5-pw in the irons. You can get the set in graphite and steel shafts, all graphite shafts, and you can get a set that is +1 inch for taller golfers. All of the sets are under $200. You can't go wrong with this beginner set of golf clubs. 

The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set:

Callaway Golf is one of the big boys in the golf industry, making golf clubs used by tour payers and thousands of amateurs. Luckily for the beginner, they make the Strata Complete Golf Set. One of the great things about the Strata set is it comes in left hand orientation. This is big, for you lefties, because it is difficult to find beginner golf sets for lefties. The Callaway Strata Golf set is very solid and comes in a 12 piece and 18 piece set. Prices range from just below $200 to the mid $300's, depending on which set you want. This set would be equivalent to the Bazooka 360 set as far as quality. Overall a very nice beginner golf set.

Confidence Men's  Power Club Hybrid Golf Set:

Now if you are looking for a set that is just over $100, then you should look at the Confidence Men's Power Hybrid Golf Set. For a really cheap set of golf clubs these are actually solid. The thing I like about this set is all the shafts are steel. When you put really cheap graphite shafts in clubs, they are terrible. The fact these are all steel shafts makes them stable, and the heads feel pretty good.  I have had adults and juniors play this set and everyone was satisfied. 

As a PGA Golf Instructor I am frequently asked to recommend golf club sets for beginners. I always ask them the same question. What is your budget?  The price of the golf set is the most important factor for the beginner. The most important factor for me is to recommend the best quality beginner golf set. So on this page I put these two factors together and I recommend the best golf club sets for beginners, at several different price points, so you can find a quality beginner set of golf clubs to fit your budget. If you are looking for women's golf clubs, please go to the Women's Golf page.

I have seen so many golfers waste so much money by going to the local sporting good store and buying the cheapest set of golf clubs they can find. Or they buy a used set of used clubs that are old and out of date that are not the right fit for them. These clubs make it difficult to learn the game. Cheap golf clubs are hard to hit. Even I can't hit good shots with many of the cheap sets people bring to lessons. So look at my recommendations and get the best set of beginner golf clubs for your money.

 Below are the clubs that I recommend to my beginner golf students. I have personally hit and tested all of these clubs. They are all good quality and are very solid when you hit them. Most of the sets are what we call a box set of golf clubs. They will come with a bag, clubs and putter, everything you need to get started.