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Below is a video I created teaching you how to regrip your golf clubs. This will save you big $$$

Golf Club Regripping Tools

Here are all the tools you will need to regrip your own golf clubs. Watch my video, it's easy.

Midsize Wrap

As I stated above, prior to using Star Golf Grips I was a loyal Golf Pride customer. I used the Tour Velvet Cord Grip. Golf Pride is the most popular grip in the industry and it is great quality. The technology in grips is getting very advanced, but I still like the basic grip, the Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet cord. They just feel the best to me. I want the grip to compliment my golf club, not be the focal point. If you like a tackier grip, look at the Golf Pride Tour Wrap. You can not go wrong with

Golf Pride.


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Are you looking for a very inexpensive golf grip? If this is the case you should go with the Karma Grips. I think they make the best inexpensiev golf grip and I use them on my students clubs when they don't care what kind of grip, they just want lower prices. Karma grips come in a wide range of colors and they offer a complete DIY package complete with tape and solvent. Karma also makes a nice midsize putter grip too. Take a look at the selection

The most neglected piece of golf equipment in a golfer's bag is usually their grips. When I give golf lessons I always pull a club or two out of the bag  to check the condition of the grips. You can't believe what I see. I see grips that are hard a dry rotted, torn, worn out thumb spots, and more. I get amazed at how reluctant people are to have their grips changed. Putting new grips on your clubs will make them fell so good, and if you learn to regrip your clubs yourself you will save tons of money. I have added a tutorial video on this page of me changing a grip, it is easy to do. So, what do I want out of a grip. I want comfort, tackiness or grip, and quality. I am not interested in colors, I like simple black grips, and the grips I use on my clubs are Star Grips. 

Hyde Knife

Great for getting tape off of steel shaft clubs

Star Golf Grips: 

I have had Star Golf Grips on my clubs for the past three years. I have used the Sidewinder, classic wrap, and smoothie. Up until this time I was strictly a Golf Pride cord user, going all the way back to green victory cord grips. So, why did I change? The Star Golf Grips feel better and perform better for me, and another bonus is they are made in the USA. After being introduced to Star Grips I met the owner of the company and have actually become a distributor of the grips. He is a quality man, who makes a quality product in the USA, SOLD!!! There is not a good online retailer selling Star grips, so if you are interested contact me via EMAIL.  I will personally sell you grips. The four grips that I sell to my customers are the sidewinder, the classic wrap, the midsize and oversize grips. If you like a midsize or oversize grip, you will love these. Star also makes a nice basic putter grip.