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Global Golf is a company that specializes in used golf clubs. The offer the best used golf clubs from all of the top manufacturers and their clubs are certified used golf clubs. When choosing a clubs or set of clubs you can choose the level of use, like new condition, certified preowned, very good, and average as examples. I have had many of my students purchase clubs from Global Golf and no one has ever had an issue or been disappointed with their purchase. So if you want some new clubs, but don't want to pay the price for brand new clubs, take a look at Global Golf. I know you will find something to help your game. 

As a Callaway Staff Professional I am obviously a little biased to Callaway golf equipment. I think they make the best equipment on the market. But don't just believe me, look at how many categories they rank #1. One thing about the company is they are constantly coming out with new equipment, which makes very good used equipment readily available. I personally use Callaway Preowned with my golf students, I think it is a great place to get the latest technology at a very affordable price. You can find Used Callawy Rogue drivers, fairway metals, and irons. I just saw the other day some Apex19 used irons on the site, these are less than a year old. I have had my students purchase all kinds of clubs from this site, and the great thing is Callaway certifies every club. Take a look at their inventory and see what they have, you will be surprised.

Best Used Golf Clubs

​​I Find The Best Deals, On The Best Products Helping You Improve Your Game

In this day and age of golf equipment, used golf clubs make a great option for many golfers. On this page I will recommend the places to get the Best Used Golf Clubs.

There are several reasons I like used golf clubs as an option for golfers and my students.

  • The first reason is the price of new golf clubs
  • Golf companies introduce new equipment in shorter amounts of time, therefore the used clubs are not very old
  • Sometimes you can get a model that was new just six months ago 
  • The companies I recommend do a great job of categorizing their clubs
  • I trust these companies much more than buying from an individual over Ebay