GigaGolf is a golf component company that is based in Florida. GigaGolf does not sell components separately, they only sell custom assembled clubs. Their clubs are great feel and look great. Below are some photos of the clubs I like. If you are a golfer that has trouble hitting irons, you should look at their Reva Hybrid Set. I have several of my students playing these clubs and they love them. All clubs are a hybrid which will help you get the ball up in the air. These are a real game improvement golf club. To find the price and more information on these golf clubs click the links under the photos. . 

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The Best Discount and Component Golf Clubs

I have found over the years that a good component golf clubs provide a great opportunity for many golfers. So what do I mean by component golf clubs? There are companies that produce their own golf clubs and sell the components, ie. heads, shafts, grips, and allow golfers to assemble their own clubs. Some of these companies will custom build golf clubs for you, and this is where you can benefit. Not only will they build clubs for you, but they allow you to order your clubs a la cart. Therefore you can order only the clubs you want, essentially creating a custom golf set make up that fits your needs. 

So let me give you an example of a custom golf set make up for irons.  Lets say you are a higher handicap golfer who struggles with longer irons and has a slower clubhead speed producing a small distance gap between your irons. Essentially your 8 iron goes about the same distance as your 7. So you don't need each of them, you just need one of them. You could order a 7 iron, 9 iron, and sw, then you could add a 5 hybrid. This would give you your set of irons. If you need a driver and fairway woods you can add them as well. Not only are the individual clubs less expensive than the name brand clubs, but you only ordered what you needed and saved even more. 

I recommend two component golf club companies GigaGolf and Hireko. I have students playing both brands. Please do not confuse these companies with knockoff golf clubs, they are not. Each company has there own R&D and designs their own clubs. Each company allows you to order a la cart, choose the best shaft for you, customize shaft length, and grip size. GigaGolf will also let you customize the lie angle of the clubs. They have an eFitSystem section to their site to help you choose the right specs for you. Both of these companies make high quality golf clubs that you will love. GigaGolf is so confident you will like their clubs they will give you 30 days to play with them, if you don't like them, return them. 

If you have questions about which clubs are best for you, or what kind of set make up you should have please send me an email. In the email include the following information, age, handicap, true distance on driver and 7 iron, overall physical condition, and budget. I will help you the best I can. Email Me Here