Skechers Go Golf Shoes:

As you can see from the photos of my golf shoes, I own two pair of Skechers Go Golf Shoes. The Skechers Drive and the Elite 2 models. Skechers makes shoes in wide (2E) and extra wide (4E). Both of my pair are extra wide and very comfortable. They fit great the first time I put them on my feet.  I just spoke with a sales rep for Skechers at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show and he assured me they are still making the extra wide, but they are hard to find. I have included links to both pair below, they are available in wide and hopefully extra wide soon. Both pair of shoes that I own are spikeless and I can wear them all day and feel great. Remember to check all of the colors when you look at the shoes. The sizes vary from color to color.  

Ecco Golf Shoes:

Ecco makes one of the best quality golf shoes in the industry. The company is based in Denmark and the golf shoe is a small part of their overall business. Because they are from Denmark they are sized differently than USA shoes. They have European lengths and no widths, All of their shoes are the same width, but trust me, we can wear the ones I recommend. The Biom Hybrids, Street, Cool 18 GT, and Biom G2 will all fit our feet and are great shoes. Make sure you loosen the laces before you put them on. These shoes feel a little tight when I first put them on, but wear them a time or two and the leather will stretch and they will feel great. The Ecco Cool 18 is an unbelievable pair of golf shoes. They are made to keep your feet cool and dry. The hot air from your feet goes down through the footbed and out the side vent holes. They also have a Goretex inner to keep moisture from getting to your feet. The shoes are a little pricey, but well worth it. 

Footjoy Golf Shoes:

Out of all the golf shoes I own, the Footjoy Icon is my favorite. Now it is not the most versatile shoe, meaning it is not a shoe for bad weather, but I like it the most. The only problem is it is also very expensive. (Thank goodness for my professional discounts!!!)  If I am going to play a serious round of golf, I will typically wear my icons. I like the support of the sole and the stability of the leather upper. But if I where to recommend a Footjoy shoe to the regular golfer, who has one or two pair of golf shoes, it would be the dryjoy. It is very affordable and bullet proof. I would go to your local golf shop to order shoes. You can get them custom in xw and xxw. You will get a better price this way and get the shoe you want. However, they are sold online at Amazon, click here to see the selection.

New Balance Golf Shoes:

New Balance makes a really nice golf shoe that is very affordable. Affordability is unusual with us wide foot golfers. Many times we have to pay a lot for shoes that fit, but New Balance has come to the rescue. The latest pair of New Balance golf shoes I acquired is the NGB2004. It is a spiked shoe with a really stable sole, which helps with my golf swing. When I play golf I prefer a solid, stable sole and this shoe provides it. New Balance shoes come in 4E width and are very comfortable. I walk more than half the time I play golf and my feet feel great after the round. I have been wearing New Balance tennis shoes while I work for years and I was very excited when I learned they were making golf shoes. I recently visited their booth at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show and they continue to make great looking shoes. I have included some links below to the shoes that are available in 4E. Make sure you look at all of the colors to find all available sizes. 

Professional Golf Shopper ​​​​ ​​

The top two photos are my newest golf shoes all from Ecco. The left hand picture is a pair of Ecco Cool 18 GTX shoes. The right hand photo is a pair of Ecco Biom Spiked shoes and Ecco Biom Hybrid Spikeless shoes. The photo on the lower left is the three pair I got last year. Two pair of Skecher spikeless golf shoes and one pair of the New Balance NBG2004 spiked golf shoe. The picture on the lower right is an accumulation of shoes over the years. There are Footjoy Classics, not available anymore, Footjoy Icons, Footjoy Dryjoys, Ecco Biom Hybrid spiked and spikeless golf shoes, Ecco Streets, and one New Balance spikeless golf shoeshoe. One nice thing about having several pair of golf shoes is they last longer. 

This is a page that is near and dear to my feet!!! As a golfer who wears 4E golf shoes, I know how difficult it is the find wide golf shoes. Therefore I will recommend the best golf shoes for wide feet. I am not going to discuss any shoes that do not come in 3E, 4E, xw, and xxw sizes, becausei can't get them on my feet. I personally own shoes from four different manufacturers. Footjoy, Ecco, New Balance, and Skechers. Through my golf career, these are the best golf shoes for us width challenged golfers. The pictures below are my actual shoes. 

The Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

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