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More Discount Junior Golf Sets:

These clubs are the under $100 sets. These are good quality and what I recommend for the unsure junior. This is the kid who is not sure they want to play golf, but the parents want them to. The confidence junior golf set, the Prosimmon junior golf set, and the Golf Girls pink junior set all come in two sizes and both right and left hand. I have also included the Young Guns ZAAP Eagle set. It is one wood, one iron, and a putter. Great for the little bity kids. 

Discount Golf Sets For Teen Boys and Girls:

Your teen golfer sometimes pose a difficult golf club fitting situation. They are too strong and tall for the junior golf clubs, but not yet tall enough for adult golf clubs. This is where teen or youth sets for boys and petite women's clubs come in very handy. They are both 1 inch shorter than adult clubs. These clubs make the perfect transition into adult golf clubs. For the boys I recommend the Palm Springs Visa Youth -1" golf set. I love this set of clubs. They are all graphite so they are light enough to handle and they are solid. I have had lots of boys play this set and they all love them. They are also the best value for you money. You get a full set of clubs, bag and putter for about $200. Tour Edge also offers a teen set called the Bazooka 360 Varsity Set. They have an 8 club set and an 11 club set, in both right and left hand. The irons in these sets are steel shafts, so make sure your teen is strong enough. For the girls Palm Springs offers the lady Visa set in petite, which is 1 " shorter than a women's set. Excellent quality and price. 

I have taught thousands of golf lessons to juniors in my career as a PGA teaching professional, and I have given advice to almost every parent about equipment for their junior. I see so much money wasted by purchasing the wrong set of clubs for juniors. Whether the set doesn't fit them correctly, or a set was purchased that was to expensive. If you have a child who is showing interest in golf, you need to get them a quality set, and not spend much money. I call these "Great Junior Sets". Don't fall for the hype of the high dollar junior golf club manufacturers when it comes to your child's first set of clubs. They will not help them become a good golfer, and you are going to spend too much money. Your child is going to beat the living crap out of these clubs, and in 6 months he/she will out grow them. You need decent quality at great prices. 

Below I offer you links to the clubs I recommend. I like the Tour Edge HT Junior Max set for the junior that is really showing an interest. You get a great quality set with a good number of clubs. They come in two sizes a HT Junior Max 4x2 set for 5-8 year age and the HT Junior Max 5x2 set for ages 9-12 years old. The 5-8 set matches the length of the USKidsGolf 51" set and the 9-12 matches the 57" inch set. They come with a red or pink golf bag. I have had many juniors play this set of clubs and every one has been satisfied.  

Golf Club Sets For Juniors