Another great product from Eyeline Golf is the Speed Trap. I love this training aid. I use it for the short game and the full swing. It teaches you to swing your golf shaft on plane, or on the correct path, and teaches you to strike down on the ball. The Speed Trap is very easy to use and is very versatile. Steady use of the Speed Trap will definitely improve your ball striking and lower your scores. See the Speed Trap here, or you can also find it at Amazon. The Speed Trap is a very effective tool for curing a slice. Look at the picture on the right below.

Eyeline Golf Training Aids:

When it comes to the best short game tools Eyeline Golf is at the top of the list. They specialize in short game training aids. As a matter of fact, they claim that 8 out of the top 10 players in the world use their products. Their best product and the one used most by the tour players is the Putting Alignment Mirror, and this is my favorite too. The mirror comes in two sizes, small and large. I use the large mirror for my teaching. I like it because I can see my shoulders at the address position.  The smaller mirror fits in your golf bag better so it is nicer to carry to the golf course. It really isn't a bad idea to have both, use the larger one at home and leave the smaller one in your bag to use at the course. I will tell you like I tell my students, if you want to improve your putting, you need to have a putting mirror. Take a look at both Putting Alignment Mirrors here.  You can also find Eyeline Golf teaching aids at Amazon, Click Here.

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Eyeline Golf Bullseye Cup

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Eyeline Golf Target Circles
Eyeline Golf 360 Practice Mirror

What's New!!!

Every year for the past 24 years I have attended the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. I love to find new training aids and gadgets. This year I found a great tool for home putting practice. The PUTT OUT Pressure Putt Trainer

It returns good putts and lets bad putts go by. It also has a hole in the curve that will catch a perfectly rolled putt. So not only are you practicing direction but also speed. It is very difficult to make it stay in the hole so it makes you practice longer. If you combined this tool with the Eyeline Putting Mirror on your home putting mat, you will have a great home putting green. 

How To Practice Putting at Home

I really like my students to have a place at home to practice their putting. It is a great way to work on your set up and stroke mechanics. All you need is a good carpet or putting mat, plus a hole. Now getting a hole on your putting mat is difficult so I use the Eyeline BullsEye Cup above, or the PUTT OUT mentioned above. I have two places at home to practice, one in my garage, video above, and in the house, pictured to the right. Make sure you use your putting mirror when you practice. 

More Great Products From Eyeline Golf:

As I stated above, Eyeline Golf has the best collection of training aids for the short game. Here are a few more, Eyeline Golf Target Circles, a practice mirror, and the Bullseye Cup. I use the target circles for putting and pitching. The large one is great as a final target and the small ones are great as a landing target. The 360 Practice Mirror is great for full swing and short game. You must be able to see yourself to change motion, and this mirror is fantastic. It is small so it is easy to carry, but gives a great view. I use the Bullseye cup at home for my putting practice. I have glued it to a putting mat for my target. It works great.  Take a look at all of these products at Eyeline Golf. You can also find them at Amazon

The Best Golf Short Game Tools

As a PGA golf professional, and Director of Instruction, I am constantly stressing the importance of the short game to my students. If you want to lower your golf score, at any level of ability, you must improve your short game. Short game consists of putting and pitching the golf ball. You hit more shots with your wedges and putter than you do any other clubs in your bag. Therefore it stands to reason that you should practice these two clubs more than any other clubs. 

I take a fairly simple approach to short game. I stress the basics of set up, and stroke mechanics  first, then I get into the art of scoring. On this page I will recommend the tools that I use in my teaching program and recommend to my students. By using these tools in your practice you will improve your fundamentals which will help you lower your golf score. 

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Eyeline Golf Target Circles

Visit Eyeline Golf to see all of their products or you can also find them at Amazon