More Great Products For Sun Protection While Playing Golf:

Two other great ways to protect yourself from the sun while playing golf is to wear a spf golf shirt or some sun protective sunsleeves. The shirt is self explanatory, they are long sleeve and have a spf 50+ protection level. Coolibar makes the best sun shirts I have seen, for men. Ladies you might want to look at Ibkul's Icikuls line of golf shirts. They protect from the sun and cool at the same time. They come is some great designs.

If you don't want to get the whole shirt, you can just get the sleeves. They make sleeves that are sun protective and cooling. I actually have two pair of these and wear them every now and then. Elixir sunsleeves are the brand I own. Speaking frankly, they work. They definitely keep the sun off of your arms, and when they get wet from sweat, and a breeze blows, they feel cool. So these are great options.

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I make my living working outdoors and I love it. I couldn't imaging working inside all day. The big negative to working outdoors is sun damage to your skin. The more we learn about how harmful the sun is to our skin, the more careful we need to be. The most important pieces of sun protection gear are sun screen, a great hat, and sunglasses. If you are going for total protection you can also wear sun sleeves, and spf protection shirts. Below I recommend my favorites in each category.  

The Best Sun Protection Products For Golfers

More Great Sunscreens For Golfers:

Another sunscreen I like is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. The head golf professional at my course prefers this sunscreen. Every now and then we will go play golf and I will forget my sunscreen and borrow his, and it is very good. It goes on nice and light and lasts a long time. Neutrogena makes great products and this sunscreen is one of them. I also like Coppertone sport sunscreen. As a matter of fact I prefer this on my arms to either of the other mentioned sunscreens. I like the SKIN on my face, but Coppertone on my arms. This is also my go to sunscreen when I go to the beach. Both products are outstanding.

The Best Sunscreen For Golfers:

The best sunscreen for golfers and my favorite is SKIN sunscreen, from New Zealand. I have been wearing SKIN since 2013 and it remains my favorite. If I remember correctly SKIN is the most popular sunscreen on the PGA Tour, but don't quote me on that. I like SKIN for several reasons; it goes on smoothly, does not melt in the sun, holds up to sweating, last a long time, and is not greasy. I will be honest here, I don't like sunscreen, but I do wear SKIN. Give it a try, I think you will like it too. 

The Best Sun Hat For Golf:

I am only going to recommend one hat and one hat only. That is because I think this is the best hat, hands down, that I have ever worn for sun protection. I wear one every day when I teach. The Imperial CoolCore Norse Bucket hat. So why do I think it is the best hat?  First, it has a wide brim for great coverage, that is also stiff enough that it doesn't fold up when the wind blows. The worst thing is to have your hat brim flop down in you face when driving your cart. The second reason this hat is so great is the CoolCore technology. You can get the hat wet, shake it and it becomes cool. Now in south Alabama, this is a great feature. I get a cool breeze that blows down my neck on a hot summer day and it feels like I have an airconditioner on my head. You can't believe how much difference this makes. I just returned from the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show and ordered two more hats for the season.  

Elixir Golf Sun Protective Arm Cooling Sleeves

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