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Professional Golf Shopper

 As a PGA professional I know the importance of the having the right equipment, information, and practice tools, to help improve your golf game. I also know that there are a million people, books, magazines, and websites telling you that they have the secret. Trust me, there isn't a secret, or a quick fix. This is why I created the Professional Golf Shopper. I will help you sort through the rubble, and suggest the golf products that I believe will help your game. I will suggest the best golf products that I recommend to my students, and that I use in my instruction program. Golf can be an expensive sport. I want to help you make the correct decisions for your golf game. I also list current sales, promotions, and promo codes at top golf retailers like, GolfSmith, Golf Galaxy, In The Hole Golf, and more. If you would like my advice on golf equipment, training aids, or any other golf related topic, please send your question via email.
I have also added some of my instructional videos throughout this site. These golf instruction videos will help you improve your game and demonstrate how to use the products I recommend. I hope you enjoy this site and find it very useful. Good golfing!   

Michael Brisbane, PGA

Do you like what you see on this website? Would you like to have me analyze your golf swing? Now, for just $29.95, you can take online lessons at either of these two new online golf lesson websites,, or The Golf Channel's Swing Fix. Click the images below to see this cool new technology.


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