The Best Golf Sets For Beginner Golfers:On this page I give you my recommendations for the best golf clubs for beginners. Find the best quality beginner golf set at a price that fits in your budget. Click the button below to find your beginner golf set.

The Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet:This page is near and dear to my heart. As a golfer with a 4E foot it is difficult to find golf shoes. I will tell you the exact shoes that I wear. They are the best golf shoes for wide feet.

Professional Golf Shopper ​​​​ ​​

​​I Find The Best Deals, On The Best Products Helping You Improve Your Game

The Best Short Game Tools: 

On this page you will find the tools that will help you improve your short game. Improving your short game is the fastest way to lowering your score. Click the button below to play better golf.

As a PGA professional I know the imprtance of having the proper equipment, information, and practice tools to help you improve your game. I also know there are millions of people, websites, videos, and books telling you that they have the secret. Trust me, there is no secret, or quick fix. This is why I created the Professional Golf Shopper. I will help you sort through the rubble, and suggest the golf products I believe will help your game. These are the golf products that I recommend to my students and use in my instruction program. Golf can be an expensive sport and I want to help you make the corrects decisions for your golf game. If you would like my advice on a product that I don't review or list here, you can send me an email and I will give you my opinion, if I have one.